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Shop Pre-Owned Nissan at Hertz Car Sales Pittsburgh

We are proud to say that Hertz Car Sales Pittsburgh offers a wide selection of pre-owned Nissan cars and SUVs. We have quality models such as Altima, Sentra, Rogue, Versa, and more. Each of these models is ready for the road, as evidenced by their Hertz Certification. Earning this certification is no easy task, so you can rest assured that these cars are ready for the road. If you want to be really certain that the car is for you, you can take advantage of our Rent2Buy option. If you see a car you're interested in, schedule a test drive or visit us at 5200 University Blvd, Coraopolis.

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Take the Next Steps Toward Owning a Hertz Certified Nissan

Finding the right car is just one piece of the car-buying puzzle. Next comes the car loan. We, at Hertz Car Sales Pittsburgh, make getting a car loan simple and easy. After you've found your dream Nissan, visit the Finance Center where they will help you with the entire loan process. For those that want some extra protection, we offer Vehicle Protection Plans. You can drive away in your Altima, Sentra, Rogue, Versa, or other model, feeling confident that you have a safe, reliable car at an incredible price. We are confident that the Nissan you choose will last for miles to come. Visit us today!

*The listed price includes all costs except tax, registration, and licensing costs.

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